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The Rufus Cuff - More than a Smartwatch. A Wrist Communicator. (VIDEO)

So what exactly does a wrist communicator do? Basically, it’s a mini-tablet that’s attached to your wrist

Modular Phones Are Here – PuzzlePhone (VIDEO)

Modular phones could very well be the future of the mobile industry.

Watch the Nexus 6P go blow-for-blow with the iPhone 6S in a speed test [VIDEO]

The Snapdragon 810 in the Nexus 6P might not be the most popular chipset on the market, but it still is considered top end and it seems to perform wonderfully in phones which take proper advantage of it. So, how does it fare up against the iPhone 6S?

Motorola's ShatterShield Display Tested Against Competition( VIDEO)

When we first heard of the Droid Turbo 2 and its shatterproof display, we had no idea what that exactly is and how good it was.

What will happen if the Droid 2 Turbo force drop 70 times on concrete? (video)

Any phone can survive one or two errant drops. But what about seventy?

[VIDEO] Pro-Tip: use Snap to access Android widgets no matter which app you’re using

Did you know that you don’t always need root to do cool things with your Android phone? Apps have a lot of great functionality on their own these days, and Snap is no different. This particular app will allow you to access your widgets without ever having to leave whichever app you’re in.

[VIDEO] This slick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept could be mistaken for the Samsung Galaxy S6

Watch the video below and tell us: would you have guessed that was a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you weren’t told what it was? We don’t blame you if you would, because concept artist Jermaine Smit made sure he stuck to realism for his latest work.

Photos of updated Google Glass Enterprise Edition exposed by the FCC

After reports of a work-focused “ Google Glass Enterprise Edition” began swirling around the net, photos of the upcoming headset have finally surfaced thanks to the FCC. The Commission posted a handful of photos in its documentation, showing the device from every angle and even open, exposing all of the device’s (hopefully improved) internal hardware.

[VIDEO] Someone’s Samsung Galaxy S5 already has Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow up and running

According to Google’s latest Platform Distribution numbers for December 2015, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is only running on .5% of Android devices, just a small blip on the radar. For the vast majority of Android users in the world — those that don’t own Nexus devices — the wait for Android 6.0 Marshmallow is an excruciating one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and larger S7 Edge dimensions compared against the S6

Earlier today, we told you guys all about rumors of this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 being joined by a larger sized Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model. We know the regular S7 would feature a slighter larger 5.2-inch display, while the S7 Edge would be a 5.5-inch curved AMOLED display.

New alleged Samsung Galaxy S7 case renders give us a closer look at the thing

GSMArena and case manufacturer ITSKINS have teamed up again to provide another set of case renders for an upcoming phone. 2016’s top challenger — otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy S7 — is the device being paraded this time.

$2,440 buys you a gold plated BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 from Vietnam

The gold plating experts from Vietnam are back again with a new offering. This time, Karalux focused its efforts on BlackBerry's Porsche Design P'9983, launched last year with BlackBerry OS 10.3 on board.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost you more money, but comes with an iris scanner

According to a report out of Poland, you might want to start saving up for the Samsung Galaxy S7 you plan on buying next year. If this report is legit, Samsung plans on hiking the price for the Galaxy S7 series. According to Evan Blass (who once upon a time was well-known by his @evleaks Twitter handle), we will see four variations of the manufacturer's flagship model in 2016. They include the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus.

Mountek AIRSNAP is the most stable vent mounted car dock we’ve ever used [DEALS]

We were big fans of the Mountek’s CD slot car mount when we reviewed it a little over 3 years ago. A brilliant way to repurpose your car’s long forgotten CD player, we’ve been using it just about every day since and quite frankly, couldn’t live without it. Since then, the nGroove has undergone a few revisions, with Mountek creating a version that uses magnets to hold your phone in place instead of traditional arms.

[VIDEO] New video provides an animated look at the inside of the BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv might not have been able to single-handedly kick start the company's hardware sales in the fiscal third quarter. But things should change for the better early next year. BlackBerry's first Android powered slider will soon be available from the largest mobile carrier in the U.S., Verizon, and that can only mean more Priv units will get rung up. The Verizon version of the phone has already cleared the FCC.