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New Nexus from Huawei on video?! (VIDEO)

If you are one of those who to this hot summer passed as soon as possible and that the reason that you are waiting impatiently new Android M and new Google's  Nexus, this will further heat up the story. In the video below you will see the first alleged Samsung Nexus although it does not have any tangible evidence.

From the video is hard to tell whether it is a metal or plastic device with a metallized finish, but what is definitely confirmed the fingerprint sensor on the back. Physical keys are located on the right side, which corresponds to Motorola's design language. At the bottom edge makes the USB Type C as earlier rumors already announced.

Also, the screen gives the impression of a substantive and is very likely indeed a 5.7-inch screen, and announced that there will be a Super AMOLED. LG's Nexus, in turn, should be compact with a smaller screen.

If you're expecting a great full HD exclusive, will be disappointed: