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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 drop test (VIDEO)

We know that Samsung has no plans to bring the Galaxy Note5 in Europe and in many other markets, the phone has not a microSD card slot, has a battery that can not be replaced.

However, it appears that endurance is not on the list of negative characteristics that go with this fable. Website PhoneBuff subjected Galaxy Note5 drop tests and discovered that it takes more than a couple of discharging phone on the concrete, in order to destroy the device.

With the help of professional and 100% impartial drop test machines, PhoneBuff is emitted Galaxy Note5 the front and the back, as well as pages from a height of one meter. As expected, the back of the display and the phone were damaged early in the test. On the other hand, the aluminum frame is not shown almost no effect of contact with a hard surface, which is certainly good news for potential buyers of this phone.

It took six simulation falls to fablet completely destroyed. Of course, it is recommended that the Samsung Galaxy Note5 procurement protective case, because I do not want that in moments of awkwardness destroyed 700 dollar device.