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A New Look at the Samsung S2 Gear First teaser (VIDEO)

The other day, at the launch of the new Galaxy Note and Galaxy 5 S6 edge +, Samsung is as quick and announced new gear S2 smart clock, which will be officially presented at the IFA in Berlin. Today released the first teaser video, and provides an even better view of the round SmartWatch.

Samsung seems to have everything subordinated opposition to Apple. This is probably the main reason why they rushed this year with the launch of a new Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge +, in order to instill in the head but also got into the hands of customers before the launch of the new iPhone this fall.

Their new smart owl, Gear S2 so will directly confront Apple Watch, which has in record time become the best-selling smart watch market.

Gear Samsung S2 will unlike last year's models have a round screen and it appears to the rotary ring around it, to be used for navigation and so compete with the crown on the side of Apple Watch.

Today published a teaser video does not reveal much, which is normal because it is a task to attract attention. Exterior design hours will probably have a major role in a future video, and today you will see some of the fitness application, different designs watchface, S Health, stopwatch and circular application launcher.