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Dubsmash - the application is the new hit on the Internet. (VIDEO)

If you use Instagram, Vine, Facebook or Twitter, you must have noticed a new type of images that are wider popular on social networks. For these people imitate singing the hit songs or perform some skits from popular films, and for all that it was responsible application called Dubsmash.

Since it emerged in November last year, the application Dubsmash grew at an incredible rate, and is to this day taken more than 50 million times.

This application allows users to record yourself imitating pre-recorded audio clips, whether it is a phrase from a movie or favorite songs.

Subsequently, the recorded footage can share with friends on social networks. In addition to the sounds offered by the application, users can also add their own songs.

The application is already on the list of the most popular in many countries, including the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Dubsmash for Android can be downloaded free here and many interesting clips can be found on Isntagram under #dubsmash or on YouTube.