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Lenovo Magic View Dual Screen SmartWatch Prototype - two displays (VIDEO)

All smart watches resemble each other. But Lenovo has decided to slightly shake the thing, adding another display.

Called the "magical view" smart watch from Lenovo makes a real small revolution in the market of smart devices with the introduction of Android model with principal owns another smaller display located on the bracelet.

Although some critics argue that the additional display is not required on the wrist, the creators of Lenovo's say that two screens simplify the entire form and it will be easier to look out content notifications.

- The second screen (a virtual interactive display) removes the physical limitations of the main display. It uses optical reflection to create virtual images and allows users to see a virtual screen 20 times larger than the actual size. It is as if through a small opening viewing monitor measures 30 inches - the company said. A smaller screen is intended mainly for photos, maps and video footage while the main remains in charge of the basic functions and notification. Still just a concept, it is not known when it will be on sale.