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Here's what brings Android M 2 Preview (VIDEO)

Android M is getting closer, which is proven by the second beta for developers of Android M, which has just begun is in circulation. What brings all Android M Preview 2 find out below.

If you carefully follow the situation Android M, then you have seen the new look trays with applications with a white background, in alphabetical markings and vertical scrolling. I assume that you are not particularly liked, so you will look forward to Preview 2 brings a new, old look without the alphabet, with some smaller icons, but still vertical scrolling.

Take a screenshot of what's on the screen, at the Center for notifications will be displayed as before notification, but now with the Share button and added the ability to delete.

Google gives so and takes so in Android M Preview 2, eliminate the possibility of placing a dark theme settings, which many liked.

Another novelty is the ability to remove the icon from the status bar, so if you one icon Wi-Fi or Bluetooth annoying, you can easily turn off the settings of its display.

In the settings has been redesigned and display the available data space called Storage & USB with the possibility of jumping into a sort of file manager through button Explore.

Memory section in Settings indicates the availability of working memory depicting the history of usage of RAM by application and to do all day back.

It seems that Android M slow but steady progress according to the official version, which will take place in early autumn.