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3 ways to improve your Android phone (VIDEO)

Your phone can do much better with a little effort. Three ways to improve Android phone. All three require root and there is a chance it will not work on all devices. Applications in question can be found in the Google Play store.

Root your phone allows you to access system files and edit them. Nature, there is always the possibility that something goes wrong. So, you're doing it at your own risk!

If you do not have root phone click here  

The first application to list the franco.Kernel updater - the kernel controls the hardware, ie, combines hardware with software. With this application you will be able to control much more. For example, you can to set up a maximum / minimum frequency at which the processor to work. However, if for some reason you do not want to play with this, you can apply one of several pre-installed profiles. You can adjust the color on the screen if you do not like the current, or turn on the screen to activate the double touch. Price applications is 5.48 dollars.

Next on the list is Lightflow. Allows you to change the notification light in any color if your device supports it. In addition, you can adjust the vibration or the bell. Price applications 2.49 dollars.

Last on the list is Titanium Backup . The application for backup of everything - applications, their data, the device settings ... Restoring the data is also very easy. Price for Pro version is 7.61 dollars, regular version is free.