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Android Wear could get watch-to-watch communication with the new update

Reportedly, Google is ready to brings on the Android wear platform a new function: watch-to-watch communication.

It is alleged that the Android Wear this function use to other users able to send doodle, stickers, regular messages and photos. The function is called "Together" and is similar to the Digital Touch function on Apple Watch.

According to the statement, the update will also bring a new, interactive front pages an hour, as well as change the functionality associated with the touch of a screen. Currently, when one pressed the screen, open the menu for different applications, settings and more. With the new update, the pressure on the new interactive website of the screen will allow the switch through the different categories, such as time, weather conditions / forecast and information about sports training. They will be able to be used for the creation of new activities, which will run from the right side of the screen.