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Official launch Oneplus 2 phone (VIDEO)

Oneplus 2 last night finally and officially presented by filling in a good part of the expectations and rumors that have circulated in recent weeks and months. The company's flagship killer offers everything young people like at the price of extremely attractive $ 329

Successor Oneplus One model has a magnesium frame and metal buttons. Both solutions are drastic improvement over the first generation of the company's phones. Oneplus 2 will have StyleSwap cases in different colors and designs, some of which will be the default black.

Oneplus 2 comes in two versions, one of which will be a model with 16GB of internal memory will cost $ 329, while the model with 64GB of storage will cost $ 389. As expected, Oneplus 2 has Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 810 SoC (version 2.1), 4GB (RAM model with 64GB of internal memory), 3GB of RAM (16GB model). The display unit is unchanged in relation to Oneplus One model - it is a 5.5-inch display with 1080p resolution.

Oneplus and this time opted for a system of invitations when ordering Oneplus 2 phones, except that the system is now improved and potential customers will more easily come to their phone. Oneplus 2 will be available for ordering in several key markets of 11 August, while more and more countries get the device to the end of the year.