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Huawei MediaPad M2 shown in the promo video

Last month, Huawei has quietly introduced a new tablet called MediaPad M2. This 7.8 mm thick tablet comes as a replacement for the MediaPad M1 from last year. Huawei MediaPad M2 offers attractive features, some of which are presented in just launching its promotional video.

Unveiled metal Huawei Honor 7 (VIDEO)

 Huawei Honor 7
Huawei at a press conference revealed a new device named Honor 7. A device comes in three versions, which tend to have similar specifications - the differences are only in the amount of internal memory and connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy A8 posing on video

Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung's thinnest smartphone ever Galaxy A8 posing today and in the video, although not yet officially introduced. It looks impressively slim with a very thin bezel.

Google uses the robot to check lag on Android (VIDEO)

Google has its own robot testing Android phones and reveals shortcomings.

Samsung Galaxy S6 got Android 5.1.1 upgrade (VIDEO)

What is new and what changes are made, read and see in the video. Android 5.1.1 update for Galaxy S6 software is available for download for some time. The list of changes is relatively short.

Hidden microchip on Samsung batteries steals data privacy?! (VIDEO)

In the past ten days on the famous social network Reddit and Facebook story of the controversial video clip in which to demonstrate what they found in Samsung  batteries.

iOS 9 vs Android M - Which is faster? (VIDEO)

See how currently working a new version of the most popular operating system.

Samsung strikes again Apple in the new advertisement (VIDEO)

This is still one of the commercials where Samsung shows how much more advanced than Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S6 beat the competition in speed test

Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably one of the best devices currently, you can often see a test - it was a resistance test, speed test ...
The team from the site Toms Guide has done a speed test Samsung Galaxy S6, the iPhone 6, 6 Nexus, HTC One M9, LG G4 and ASUS ZenFone 2 devices.

Can Samsung Galaxy S6 survive the fire, bending and scratching? (VIDEO)

Lately on YouTube can find a lot of tests that destroy phones without a purpose.

See how the camera Sony Xperia Z3 + crashes due to overheating (Video)

Sony Xperia Z 3 +  overheating
Here's how the high temperature Snapdragon 810 turf camera Xperia Z3 + after about 20 seconds.

Microsoft Office applications for the Android in Play Store

Microsoft Office applications for the Android

Download in  Play Store Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and Powerpoint and now if you want your doctoral, graduate and homework can be done on mobiles.

How to free download Football Manager 2015 game for Android devices?

Football Manager is in our view only the most realistic simulation of the role of football manager! However, not only this role, but also many others. Football Manager is not a game that has yet to be shown and deserves the attention of all of us, it's about 15 years of perseverance and quality that entertain us through our computers.

Saygus V Squared, smartphone with incredible 200GB storage (VIDEO)

Saygus V Squared
Indiegogo campaign, which began Saygus, in order to realize the production of smartphones with amazing specifications, for the first five days collected over a million dollars, and the company is ready for production. Since this phone is expecting some really amazing features that should distinguish it from the competition.

Watch video of the new generation of Moto G (VIDEO)

Motorola Moto G
A few days ago we had the opportunity to see a couple of leaked images and information about the new generation of Motorola's Moto G. Until now there has been no further information about this device, but now leaked on YouTube a video in which shows a prototype of a new generation of Moto G.

Android vs. Apple iOS: the debate between TechnoBuffalo and LinusTechTips! (VIDEO)

Android vs Apple iOS

Here's how two experts, who work to a very famous site and YouTube channel, explaining that the platform better.

LG G4 vs Famas (VIDEO)

How to destroy a smartphone can really be creative process. Some drop while he removed from his pocket, some kid threw him against a wall, a jump with him into the sea and some shoot smartphone. That last happened to LG G4.

Fairphone 2 - a modular phone, which is not exactly cheap (VIDEO)

Fairphone 2

Fairphone comes with the Netherlands, which has decided to offer a modular phone, a concept similar to Google Project Ara phone. Their first device cost 325 euros and sold in 60,000 copies. They're getting ready to present another device Fairphone 2

Samsung Galaxy S6 now promoted as a selfie phone (video)

Galaxy S6 and edge S6

Samsung has just released a new promotional video which is a function Galaxy S6 phone that perhaps has not received much attention as the other: the front camera. According to Samsung, Galaxy S6 can change the way you take selfie.

Google's clock available to download from the Play Store

Google clock App
Google has set up many of its applications to the Play Store, which enables them to updating the applications individually, without having to have to make a correction of a problem in the application to update the system.

Galaxy J5 and J7 - the first from Samsung front-flash

Galaxy J7
Samsung has officially unveiled two new members to the Galaxy family of smartphones by launching a line of Galaxy Galaxy J. J5 and J7 Galaxy targeting selfie maniacs because they are the first of Samsung's smartphones with front flashes.

7 photographic tricks you can perform with your smartphone! (VIDEO)

See how you can make some much more interesting and better-quality photos with a little imagination and ingenuity.

"Hitman Sniper" game for Android is here! The gameplay is brilliant and controversial topics! (VIDEO)

Hitman Sniper

The new, "very old" Hitman games, which has undergone expansion and returned to life, had just arrived for Android devices. Square Enix fans of this once very popular games to enjoy high version for Android devices at a cost of only $ 5.79, how much games cost to the Google Play store but on and of the post you can download for free.

QuickPanel Restore restores missing quick settings Galaxy S6

QuickPanel Restore
If you have these days are among those that struck the mysterious disappearance of the respective switches the fast setting S6 models Galaxy or Galaxy S6 edge, look forward to you as Samsung found a solution available to everyone through the mini-application.

Fujitsu introduced the first phone with a scanner eye (VIDEO)

Arrows NX F-04G
The latest phone from Fujitsu, called NX Arrows F-04G, became the first in the world that is equipped with the technology of authentication through the iris of the eye. The phone was recently launched in Japan, where NTT DoCoMo by offering a price of $ 750.

Samsung's new application lets you capture gameplay on your device and set up directly on YouTube

Game recorder +, Galaxy S6 edge
If you like to play games on your smartphone and record how you play, and you have a Samsung device - this is something you'd be happy. In fact, Samsung has made an application called Game Recorder +, which allows you to record your favorite games in Full HD.

Galaxy S6 Active has the best battery, see results!

Galaxy S6 Active 
The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 Active from your softer the S6 brothers differ among others and a stronger battery 3500 mAh. Here's how the Galaxy S6 Active shown on the test battery and that results are achieved.

FloatNote - phone call notes for Android

FloatNote for Android
Not a person who remembers phone numbers, and love notes? FloatNote is the right solution for you!

LG G4 has a problem with a touchscreen? (VIDEO)

It seems that LG's newest flagship phone G4 suffers from some problems with the touchscreen. In fact, the topic on XDA forum, which now has a larger number of responses, says that the device fails to detect rapid pressure and coating and prevents Knock On and Knock Code function to work properly.

Hound better than Siri, Google Now and Cortana (VIDEO)

Last week launched another virtual assistant for Android. It's called the Hound, and comes from a company SoundHound known for its quite famous tool for music recognition. Hound is in the video that you see below countered Apple's Siri, Google Now service and Microsoft Cortana. One gets the impression better than all three.

Caterpillar phones, resistant to all (VIDEO)

When you think of reinforced phones able to withstand a drop or water, most think of first falls Samsung and their S Active series or Rugby or Xcover phones the same manufacturer. But not only does the Samsung phones are resistant to falling out.

Who is faster: LG G4 against Samsung Galaxy S6 (VIDEO)

Can Snapdragon 808 from LG G4 deal with Exynos 7420 chipset is in the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone?
Let's see!

How to monitor your heart rate on any Android smartphone? Instant Heart-Rate App

Did you know that on all smart phones that have rear camera and LED flash, you can monitor your heart rate? While on the phone there is a sensor to monitor heart rate, with one application there is a way to bypass the hardware barrier. Here's how!

With this application you will be able to talk to the phone, LITERALLY! (VIDEO)

Hound application created a company SoundHound, which is known for its music recognition software, which is similar to the popular Shazam.

The ability of voice recognition software such as Siri and Google Now is slowly improving, but a new application with its speed and precision threatens the already mentioned.

How do I download a song or video from the YouTube site without applications? (VIDEO)

For those people who want to quickly and easily take over a song or video from the YouTube site, then the best solution is to do with web browser. Here's how it works on any smartphone.

Samsung strikes again Apple company! This time directly on the iPhone 6 (VIDEO)

Whether Apple will respond to these provocations Samsung company? We can not guarantee but in our opinion, Apple will answer this in a stylish way. See what it is!

Android 5.1.1 for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge (VIDEO)

As you probably all owners of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge know from Samsung, Android 5.1.1 would be on these devices due to land during June So far, already reveal a lot of what upgrade brings, and now you can see in the video.

Endurance tests all the more bizarre: they burned the HTC One M9

One common way of testing the release of smart phone on the concrete to see what kind of damage can occur. And now they have introduced and flamethrower.

New Twitter's application Periscope finally available for Android!

Periscope is an application for live streaming video, which is for only 10 days when he appeared for iOS devices has reached one million users.

NEW ANDROID M has a nice FUNCTION: See what's changed! (VIDEO)

New Android M will appear in the autumn of this year and will bring a number of improvements in the safety and performance. In addition, Google will introduce another new option that we have not had a chance to use.