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Hidden microchip on Samsung batteries steals data privacy?! (VIDEO)

In the past ten days on the famous social network Reddit and Facebook story of the controversial video clip in which to demonstrate what they found in Samsung  batteries.
The piston person first real opening story that he was a friend who is a electrician, showed what it is on the battery Samsung phone. He then removed the battery from the phone and it removes the foil of a chip. He then returned to the battery, and claims that the battery works better without the chip. Here's a look at the clip at this link as well as comments below.

In the comments, you can see other people who remove the foil from the battery. A person at the end of the piston declares that the end of the world is coming! Almost a spy on us, steal our data, do you see?
On Youtube can be found dozens of video clips in different languages where people removed their batteries from Nokia phone and remove the foil.

Of course people do not fall for this nonsense. It is amazing how much the people are on fire with the piston on Facebook and how many of them destroyed the NFC functionality of the Samsung phone. Hello people, this is the NFC, even on the foil writes Near Field Communication