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How do I download a song or video from the YouTube site without applications? (VIDEO)

For those people who want to quickly and easily take over a song or video from the YouTube site, then the best solution is to do with web browser. Here's how it works on any smartphone.
In order to present you with a universal way to download content from YouTube on any leading platform, we have done it one instruction. The advantage of this mode is that you do not need an application and they are all one who operatovni system use. Here's what to do:

1. Open your web browser and access the YouTube site by entering the following address:


2. Then on YouTube search for the video you want to download and access it.

3. where the address enter YouTube site will have a link that leads to the video content which you just access. To begin the process of downloading it is necessary to modify the link and enter the two letter "ss" right in front "" https: // m. "So, after changing the link order of opportunities should look like this:


4. As soon as you're done is needed to confirm the changes to the arrow, enter, go or whatever the button to confirm the charge.

5. When the site is loaded in the beginning you will have "loadnig" animation just below the yellow "download" banner. Wait until the content from YouTube loaded.

7. When the loaded content from YouTube, listed one below the other show you the cover art of the video's name, the duration of the original link. Below that are offered download option so you can choose between formats:

FLV 240p
MP4 360p
MP4 480p
MP4 720p
MP4 1080p
WebM 360p
3GP 144p
3GP 240p
Audio MP4 128

8. As soon as you touch one of the available formats to download will be started.

* Note

This method can be used on any operating system.

We hope you succeed in its intention to download the video. If so, do not forget to share your experience and this article on your social networks.