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FloatNote - phone call notes for Android

FloatNote for Android
Not a person who remembers phone numbers, and love notes? FloatNote is the right solution for you!

This is an application that is very popular when the records in question. It is easy to catch a note when you expect the information. What if information comes unexpectedly and awkward moments, what then? In this case FloatNote comes into play in the best light.

In addition to capture notes FloatNote is characterized by the fact that in the telephone conversation appears as a floating window. In this way, you can make notes without interrupting the call, and write everything you matters. Let's say if you need to record a recipe, number, or email address FloatNote is there in the form window in which you can enter the information. After finishing a call without any problems, you can start FloatNote in fullscreen mode and address the notes that you previously caught.

A floating window is a standard form, in it you can see a contact so that you know with whom you are talking while you take notes. The application itself is designed to Material Design and style will blend seamlessly with other modern applications. Otherwise FloatNote is very simple and you will have no difficulty to find your way around when in use.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store