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Samsung's new application lets you capture gameplay on your device and set up directly on YouTube

Game recorder +, Galaxy S6 edge
If you like to play games on your smartphone and record how you play, and you have a Samsung device - this is something you'd be happy. In fact, Samsung has made an application called Game Recorder +, which allows you to record your favorite games in Full HD.
Initially, the concept that you can record something and ask to YouTube for all to see was something simply amazing. With time, YouTube is deeper entering into our lives, and has become an essential part of everyday life. Thus he became a very popular platform for setting up shots of games - so popular, in fact, Google announced YouTube Gaming service as competition Twitch-in.
Game Recorder +
Game Recorder + captures video in HD, and if you want your viewers can see your reaction there is a face-cam option. But there is one "catch": Game Recorder + is currently available only for certain Samsung devices and Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and Galaxy S5; and Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy 3, Galaxy 4, and Galaxy Edge. We tried out the application and the Galaxy S4 with a lollipop and worked, so we assume that the application runs on all Samsung devices with a lollipop. If you are interested, Game Recorder +, you can download it from here