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Have you seen phenomenal "action" Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing? (VIDEO)

This is the unboxing! Full of action and excitement!

Interested in user interface on the LG G4, Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 phone? Here's a comparison!

Compare LG UX 4.0, Samsung's TouchWiz and HTC Sense UI 7. Here's how they differ.

Google has a watch in a race with Apple

Software upgrade "Android Wear" for smart watches, Google enters the race with Apple, whose clock made confusion in the market.

Rumor has it that Google is working on developing a platform through which to its android watch supported and "iPhone".

When you use HDR for images on your Android

It is clear that the smartphone camera, in just a few years come a long way, but what you might not be aware of is that most of the improvement can be attributed to the software. When it comes to cameras with small sensors and lenses, such as those on your Android, require a finely tuned to processing of the data collected get an image that looks great.

Google Search is now working within any application on your phone

For some time, Google Now, the voice assistant for Android, is able to run applications on a user's request. Now things are going in an even better direction, because Google has just introduced the possibility that Google Now search independently initiate, within applications on the phone.

In other words, those who are curious to test this new function, will be able to activate the command "OK Google, search ...", followed by the voice assistant will launch the appropriate application, and within it to begin the automatic search with the given parameters. This function is currently only available on phones with the English language and the Android Jelly Bean or newer models.

Source: Ubergizmo  

Google Glass 2.0 is coming soon, version 3.0 being planned

Only a month ago the president of Google Eric Schmidt has made clear that they did not cancel the Google Glass glasses. Now Massimo Vian Director of the Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica said that the next iteration of these high-tech glasses coming soon. Speaking at a general meeting of the company in Milan, Massimo discovered that Google Glass 2.0 is already in the making, but also that the version 3.0 at the planning stage. "At Google, there are different opinions on the version 3.0.

You've seen the Google Glass 1.0, now working on version 2.0, which is in preparation, "he said. Vian also said that the partnership between the two companies is progressing well, because Luxottica last year signed a contract with Google to design a fashion version of Glass glasses.

Source: BlogGSM

Google facilitate control Android phone with desktop computers

Google has begun to significantly facilitates controlling Android phone from your computer, especially when it comes to the most frequently used functions.

New crazy Android controller(Video)

For those who realize their gaming very seriously, Mad Catz has introduced a new LYNX 9 Android controller, which can be folded to fit in your pocket and extended to accommodate 7-inch tablet or smartphone. It connects via Bluetooth and has a keyboard in addition, a built-in trackpad and microphone to help with navigation.

Path has launched a new application for creating animated Kong Selfie

Love them or hate, selfie are embedded in our culture that loves the camera. Now social network Path launches application named Kong to help you in creating and sharing Selfie GIFs.

Alternative Google Maps on Android

Here is short review on google store which can be alternative to google maps, these 8 are fantastic  applications and maybe you would like install on your device.

If you switch from iOS to Android you need to know the following

If you are an iPhone user  and are planning to grab Galaxy S6 or S6 edge or another android device, it will not take long to notice that the transition from one system to another is not as simple as entering your user name or password. But do not worry, here you have everything you need.