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Google facilitate control Android phone with desktop computers

Google has begun to significantly facilitates controlling Android phone from your computer, especially when it comes to the most frequently used functions.
Here's what needs to be done in order to send messages and guidance, finding the phone and set an alarm on your phone, all over the desktop computer.

First need the latest version of Google applications. Then you need to run Google Now and press the context menu on the left - here is the need to go to Settings> Now cards and turn on "Show cards" and "Show notifications" option. From the Settings menu, go to Account & privacy> Google Account history> Power & Web App Activity (if not already included). Log on to the desktop browser with the same Gmail account you use on your phone. Now you can send commands to the desktop phone by typing the following:

Find my phone - shows the location of the phone when it was turned on and connected to the Internet. It is possible to force the phone to ring five minutes, click on the "Ring".

Set a reminder - it is possible to type in what you want to remind you when to initiate a reminder, then click on "Remind me on my devices."

Set an alarm - similar to the previous function, except that this time typing when you want to start alarm.

Send directions to my phone - type in the address, click on the "Send directions to your phone", click on the notification that appears on the device and start the navigation through Google Maps.

Send a note to my phone - enter the entire message in the box provided, click on the "Send note to your phone" option. On the phone will show a notification with the message, you can save the application or copy.