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Android M brings distributable keyboard and multi-window (VIDEO)

The other day announced Android M in the hands of developers, who every day of his code drawn more interesting. It turned out that Android support M-distributable keyboard for easier typing on the large screens and native multi-window with a bunch of applications on the screen. Watch the video at the end of the text.

Here's what it looks like Android M on the phone! (VIDEO)

Google I / O conference received much more. in their manner they are presented to us is a new version of Android, codenamed "M", as well as many new features of the operating system.

Here comes the new Google Photos applications

It's no secret that Google is preparing a new version of its Photos app, a kind of native Android Gallery, which for you cataloged all the photos and videos in one place. Here's how it will look and new features that brings with it.

Manage smart clock fingers, without touching!

Aria is the addition of Pebble Time and Android Wear smart watches that allows you to manage these devices without touching. Simply attach Aria addition to the inside of the smart clock and using gestures fingers manage it.

Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition officially introduced

No any discernible differences between ordinary Galaxy S6 edge and release Iron Man edge, except that golden red chassis, Iron Man in helmet on his back and Touchwiz related topics.

The thinnest and biggest Android phone: Huawei P8 max

Two years ago, the company Huawei, then still in the process of affirmation, presented the legendary P6 in London, followed by the most beautiful Android phone Huawei P8 to 15 April in the British capital revealed two new smart phones P series - Huawei P8 and P8 max.

Phree a digital pen that can be used on any surface! (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Phree the first device in the world that allows its users to enter by hand high resolution on any smart device. We believe that Phree be one of the pioneers of digitalization of pencils!

Root any Android device with Kingroot tool

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, and to have a good chance, maybe you're thinking about how to root. Depending on the model, the manufacturer and your horoscope for the day, the process of root Android, can be smaller and more complicated. The universal root tool names KingRoot promises quick and easy solution for all, regardless of the model, the manufacturer and the stars.

Meizu MX4 Pro Unboxing & Hands On

The test of Honorbuy webshop flew Meizu MX4 Pro. It is a powerful 5.5-inch phablet screen Quad HD and powerful specifications. The following unboxing and first impressions.

LG unveils new models LG G4c and LG G4 Stylus

LG has officially presented to the world two new LG G4 variants. LG g4c a kind of mini version of their flagship 5-inch screen while the G4 Stylus kind maxi version with support for pen. Both allegedly carrying more favorable prices. Both device belong to the segment of mid-range.

Samsung Galaxy A7 - Unboxing and first impressions

The third and largest member of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone A family arrived at the test and socializing. Galaxy A7 has a 5.5-inch display, eye-pleasing design, powerful specification and makes it a solid camera. Who could ask for more, except of course affordable prices.

Top 5 Camera apps for Android

There are plenty of Android applications for the camera that are less known but still very good and functional. So I put together a list of 5 such applications.

HTC J Butterfly - plastic but no less fantastic

HTC is for the Japanese market presented new J Butterfly, and this is their most powerful smartphone ever.

LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 - camera test (VIDEO 12min)

LG G4 has a nice camera, but the Galaxy S6 boasts her. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so we'll look at the test, ie. Comparison.

Can the LG G4 survive drop? (VIDEO)

LG to its current premium phone, G4, did not use the latest, the fourth generation of Gorilla Glass, which is supposedly a lot more resistant to shock than the previous ones. LG is a reasoned information to the G4 with its curved screen, but strong enough to resist breaking the screen if you drop.

Here's how to take great photos LG G4 camera

LG this year it seems, all the cards put on a super camera their freshly introduced G4. Again they hired a pro photographer, and this time he agreed a practical tutorial for us Photo ignorant and reveals how to take great pictures capable LG G4 camera.

See what can Sony Xperia C4 selfie smartphones

Sony recently officially introduced the new Xperia C4 intended selfie freaks, today published an interesting promo video in which Sony highlights the most important features of the device.

Here's an alarm applications which bell can stop only when you are take a selfie.

If there is an application that we would recommend to everyone this is it! We are delighted with the idea and functionality Snap Me Up applications.

Google introduced Handwriting Input, download and try out

Google launched the Play Store and offered a new way to enter text which is based on the recognition of your handwriting, and is called Google Handwriting Input.

At the end of the month we will introduce Android M

Google I / O Developer Conference will be held in late May, and published schedule of events gave the appearance that we then introduce a new flavor of Android - Android M.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 allegedly with the new chip and dual-edge performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still very topical phablet but as time goes by, and summer is on the horizon, should already thinking about his successor. Galaxy Note 5 will reportedly premiere of the new Exynos 7422 with a completely different architecture, and is saved in the dual edge version modeled on Galaxy S6 edge.

HTC One M9 - Unboxing and first impressions (VIDEO)

In my hands thoroughly socializing there is new HTC One M9 and we will over the next week to find out what he can and can not do. Although I spent with him a few minutes practically as soon as he set foot in this area, here's the official official unboxing HTC One M9, which opens the testing device.

You have sent mail and regret? Now it can delete!

How many times have you found yourself in a moment of anger write an e-mail and send it off, and soon afterwards regret for his behavior.

Lockdown PRO locks all you want! (VIDEO)

If you want to lock gallery, facebook, messages, or adjust any application on Android you are looking Lockdown PRO. Currently the best applications of this type, and you see that! Lockdown Pro is a totally free application that can be downloaded from the market.

Here's how to install the Edge Contact.apk that uses the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!

You like Galaxy S6 Edge? And his contact application that can be drawn from the edge of the screen? We are delighted to design and functionality, so we decided to try it, try it and you!

Chinese alternative to Google Glass glasses will cost $200 (VIDEO)

Allwinner a manufacturer of cheap chips from China and provides chips mainly for very cheap affordable phones and laptops.

Will it look like the new Galaxy Note 5? (VIDEO)

If you follow the developments in the world of smart phones, watches and tablet computers then you know that the rumors are often true. See how it will probably look like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Lost your Android phone? Find it with this app!

We believe that you are all one so far been in a situation that you have no idea where you left your cell-phone. You searched under the seat in the car, raised all the pillows on the couch ... and you have not found it? Google has a solution for you.

PinTasking application is a big help your fingers and brains! (VIDEO)

If you are a person that the Android device performs multiple operations at once, or if you are a multitasking person, PinTasking is a great help for your fingers and brains! Read and see how this app can help you!

Google Nexus 10 gets Android 5.1.1 OTA update

Some owners of Nexus 10 Android tablet began to receive OTA (over the air) update to Android 5.1.1 version of Lollipop. Users report that this is a small apdektu size 13,9MB. Updating slowly comes to devices, so that at the moment they do not see all users Nexus 10 tablet.

It is expected that with this comes Updates more than the usual stability and performance improvements, and bug fixes. This update marks the Nexus 10 tablet as one of the first Nexus devices get Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Google recently enabled Android 5.1.1 Lollipop factory settings for the Nexus 7 2012 and 2013 as well as the Nexus 10 tablet.

Source: Android Authority 

How to "root" your phone?

See how to root your Android device caught by Kingo Root program in a few steps.

Get the best applications that can not be found on the Google Play Store! (VIDEO)

You will not believe how good applications spinning out of Google Play Store! Here you have the best apps, where they can download and how to install them.

HTC this time blew away the competition with its new Ad! (VIDEO)

We are sure that you are familiar with the battle between Apple, Samsung and HTC by company, which even leads through ad! This time HTC has really disgraced Apple and Samsug, look!