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You have sent mail and regret? Now it can delete!

How many times have you found yourself in a moment of anger write an e-mail and send it off, and soon afterwards regret for his behavior.

The good news is that Gmail now has a new feature that will allow you to quickly delete the sent e-mails and only one click, and so prevent the mail reaches the recipient.

The new feature is in the testing phase and it is still is not all users.

Here's what to do:

Click on the icon that looks like a gear and then on "Settings". When you open the "Settings", scroll down until you reach the "Labs" - it is a tab where there are experimental features of Gmail. Open Labs and then scroll to the "Undo Send". When you find this option, you need to activate it, and click "Enable" and then "Save".

After you have done all of the above, when you send mail that you do not want to get to the recipient at the top of the screen will display that will allow you to send mail cancel.