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Here's how to install the Edge Contact.apk that uses the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!

You like Galaxy S6 Edge? And his contact application that can be drawn from the edge of the screen? We are delighted to design and functionality, so we decided to try it, try it and you!

Written rule is that when there are new functions leading phone they always quickly be ported to run on other devices. That's why it is not surprising that we encountered Edge Contact application and managed to run it on the Galaxy S3  phone. A bunch of programmers has long worked to create a community where the Google+ social network.

We all know how great feeling when on your phone, say the Galaxy S3 model, we can start some applications that are on the latest phones. E exactly the situation we have now.

To explain what it is for Edge Contact applications. It is a function that has only the new Galaxy S6 Edge phone. It is mostly focused on highlighting the functionality of the curved part of the screen S6 Edge phone. Rather, it is a panel with predefined contacts that appears by sliding your finger from the curved edge of the screen. What is most interesting in relation to this function, in addition to the efficiency of course, has the look and animation.

Edge Contact.apk file is still in the beta phase which does not guarantee complete stability and working without error. Currently, Edge Contact allows you to use the defined contact that can be reached by swiping your finger only perform calls to them. On the other hand, the original application allows sending SMS and email messages. We will also emphasize that the blurring of the screen is still not available in Edge Contact BETA version.

If you still want to try, here's what to do:

1. To download the application Edge Contact need to access community on Google+ social network. In this case, you are not required to join, but you can immediately download the .apk file. If it happens that you can not download it for some reason, here's an alternative LINK

2. When you download the .apk file switch on the phone and install or download directly from your phone and install.

3. cleaned all active applications, then you can start the "Edge Contact" application that will be located in the manu with other applications in your phone.

4. After starting the application you will be presented two available functions: show names and uses of letters. To keep it all as the Galaxy S6 Edge phone, we recommend that you activate both options available.

5. Return to the home screen, so you could set command. Press and hold the button to start the Google Now application. On some models it is the key to the home screen and on some key for more options.

6. When a panel prompts you to start the application you tap on the "Edge Contact" and then "always run"

7. Done, you will have access Edge Contact panel where you can define the contacts you want.