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PinTasking application is a big help your fingers and brains! (VIDEO)

If you are a person that the Android device performs multiple operations at once, or if you are a multitasking person, PinTasking is a great help for your fingers and brains! Read and see how this app can help you!

The past decade has not only the past decades as digital elevations, as decades of self photos or decades ephemeral generation, it is well known that the past decade was marked by multitasking. When using a smart phone, you are not focused on one thing. In fact, most of us at the same time perform multiple operations where we were active in the background a minimum of five applications. For now widely known application that is used to view the active application is just one that is integrated into the I Android (recent menu).

Perhaps for someone who is not used often multitasking recent menu quite adequate tool, but what is the situation in other circumstances? For users who at one time performed more operations, using five or more applications, recent menu is simply inadequate. Then, although it is still in beta, PinTasking takes control of the situation.

The main idea of the application is to preserve and to provide quick and easy access to recently the usable application, document, or web site. With the gesture of a finger across the screen, the user is able to mark what it often wants to access. When the time comes to access to documents or applications labeled website, it is enough to touch a floating key for switching. The application has PinTasking range of options and functions that will be useful and allow for fluid movement between active applications. The user is able to modify the behavior and appearance of floating keys, and even its size.

To most easily realized the possibilities of this fabulous application we suggest that you look at the attached video material and also see how it is used:

Although PinTasking in beta, already has apps material design look and great features, but it would be good to say that the notes that the "hiccups" in the work. To use PinTasking it is essential that you assign access to the root and to have 5 LolliPop Android platform. PinTasking Pro BETA version is free until May 11. Do not wait more and more immediately download the attached link:


If you are not root-ovals phone here's how to do it:

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