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Google introduced Handwriting Input, download and try out

Google launched the Play Store and offered a new way to enter text which is based on the recognition of your handwriting, and is called Google Handwriting Input.

Handwriting Input supports the text with your finger, a digital stylus, elbow, nose or any other pointed extremity, which you can find at hand. After this and one yourself, you will be surprised just how accurately detects your paperwork. Enabling Handwriting Input and Internet access, your handwriting is stored on Google's servers, Google will better know what you think, and the application will better recognize your handwriting.

Handwriting Input is already in the Play Store but do not be surprised if you show the message that is not supported on your site or on your device. In that case you will you download apk package and install it manually, and to activate the language settings and input. However you will need at least Android 4.0.3.

Here's a short video of the new Handwriting Input in action: