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Get the best applications that can not be found on the Google Play Store! (VIDEO)

You will not believe how good applications spinning out of Google Play Store! Here you have the best apps, where they can download and how to install them.
Best Android platform is the possibility that you can download many different applications from Google Play store. Again, on the other hand, the potential of the Android platform does not end there. As most know, the internet is turning a bunch of applications that can not be found on the Google Play store. What's more, these applications are often the best.

Today, we have prepared a list of the best applications that can not be found on the Google Play store. We have attached to you and links from which you can download and install. Before we continue please note that the requirement to install applications from the phone memory check mark option "unknown sources" (settings>More>Security>¨mark¨unknown sources)

Adobe Flash Player 11.1

Devices powered by Android 4.4.1 and above, supporting the installation of Flash Player despite the fact that it is not officially supported by the Google company. The internet is still a lot of websites that use Flash integration, if you want them to visit and review the content with them, you need to have Flash Player.

Manually install on Android devices 

Popcorn Time

On the Google Play store, there are many applications that promise that if you download them you can watch movies on your phone via the Internet. A few of them even offers a translation into many languages, however we were unable to find even one that really worth. This does not mean that there is no way to watch movies, this means that you should not application looking at the Google Play store.

  I do not know if you've heard of "Popcorn Time" if you're not then it's time to be impressed! As most applications that violate copyright Popcorn can not be downloaded from the Google Play Store but can on their website.

Download the app to your phone with this LINK

Kody - XBMC

Formerly known by the name of Xbox Media Center (XBMC) now under the name "Kody," a media entertainment center, which greatly resembles Netflix or Hulu. You are able to access video, music, images from the Internet and from your phone memory.

Kody is compatible with Windows computers, so it is very easy and you can use on larger screens. In these situations, Android becomes a remote control that lets you start, stop, or change the content on the computer.

Download Kody with this LINK

WhatsApp +

WhatsApp + is perhaps the biggest hit of all applications outside Google Play network! This is a modified version of WhatsApp application that offers some interesting additions: the ability to change the size of files that you send, send photos in full resolution and the possibility of concealing your online status.

Other interesting aspects of WhatsApp + applications have the ability to send music contents By the use of a wider range of emoticons, advanced widget and setting themes and icons for adaptation WhatsApp application to your liking. Also please note only that before installing WhatsApp + applications necessary to delete the official version if you on the phone.

Download WhatsApp + with this LINK 


This is an application that is known to many people and especially the followers of our YouTube channel. It was a hit because it allows smooth download videos from YouTube in a format that suits you. We believe that you will be delighted when you sample application, so refer to the attached video to download it.

CyanogenMod installer

CyanogenMod installer for a short time in the Google Play store until two weeks later were not "kicked about" or kicked. The reason is that the ejection Google cited "user guidance to undermine the guarantee for the sake of using CyanogenMod Installer" This application has not lost popularity even after kicking because it is a practical tool for auto-install CyanogenMod on all supported phones.

Download CyanogenMod installed with this LINK

LMT Launcher

Here's another application that is very interesting, but in contrast to Gravity Box does not require root. The application offers a popup panel interesting shapes with various abbreviations and useful information.

To access this pane, simply drag your finger from the edge of the screen towards the center. The panel can be modified so that you can add features and shortcuts to suit you.

Download the LTM Launcher with this LINK