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HTC One M9 - Unboxing and first impressions (VIDEO)

In my hands thoroughly socializing there is new HTC One M9 and we will over the next week to find out what he can and can not do. Although I spent with him a few minutes practically as soon as he set foot in this area, here's the official official unboxing HTC One M9, which opens the testing device.

HTC One M9 can not fail to impress you with its design and premium feel, which leaves in his hand, which he caress. With this HTC never, and certainly not the last few years with a series of HTC One had a problem. On the test we arrived was wonderful silver on gold and copy what they say, speaks hundred languages. Again we have at first glance an excellent 5-inch screen, and under the hood eight-core Snapdragon 810 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB expandable data space.

What you in this premium Android story probably most interested in, is located on the back of the metal work of art - camera. After a rather lukewarm acceptance UltraPixel philosophies, HTC this year decided to replace 4 MP 20 MP sensor, but again, for some reason around OIS, which is the original HTC One M7 had. UltraPixel not disappeared already moved on to his forehead.

This is the first new M9 looks very fluid and smooth in operation, and HTC Sense 7 looks better than ever. It is covered HTC Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

I shot this year M9 from HTC with the right to the throne this year's King of Android, you will find out from detailed reviews, which will follow in a few days, but until then, here are my first impressions in a short video: