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Phree a digital pen that can be used on any surface! (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Phree the first device in the world that allows its users to enter by hand high resolution on any smart device. We believe that Phree be one of the pioneers of digitalization of pencils!

We live in the world of the screen, however, writing or drawing on those screens is not always the best case. Simply, the technology is not so much improvement that we feel comfortable while we draw or write anything on the touchscreen. These screens are just too small to be able to use them in this way.

Phree pen allows you to write, draw, record and express yourself in the best possible way. What? Very easy. This pen provides the comfort that whatever you write or draw on any surface, this pack in your phone or tablet in a very precise way.

When we say that any area can be your virtual whiteboard then we just any:

Phree be easily connects to almost all smart devices: phone, tablet computer, laptop computer, TV. Connectivity with virtually all of which has a Bluetooth module. Because it is associated with all these devices without any difficulty, it is compatible with some of their popular programs: Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google handwriting input, Viber and many other programs and applications. So, with Phre pen you can easily make a note, sketch, write something, to correspond, literally you are able to do whatever you can think of.

If you're worried that you will Phree be convenient to use, then look at a few photos that will immediately deny. Know that this is not like those stylos pencils, which are intended to write on the touch screen. This is something completely different. It is a device that works on its own.

Phree was wearing a small screen through which you can view a short message and handwriting immediately respond. Of course, after you enter text, all you have to do is touch the physical button that is next to the screen. To make things even more interesting and more useful, Phree essentially "assistant Bob" phone as they can receive calls and serve as a headset.

Here are some of the main functions Phree pens:

To simplify! Phree allows you to interact with any screen on any surface.


There are many ideas and prototypes invested in Phree to ensure the best possible impression during use. Phree thin pen with oval ends so that it provides a recognizable feeling in use. When you hold the pen in position to write, the small screen which is touch will always be pointed at you in order to facilitate activation and manipulation Phree device. Just tap to switch to the pen on a marker or change the color from red to blue or to switch from a message to call.


Length: 142mm, Width: 18mm, Weight: 30 gr

Thickness: 8.5mm

Case for Phree

The team behind Phree device is designed very useful holster.

This case is designed as a stand for your device, such as a phone or tablet, as a case that will protect Phree as a charger to the power supply.

How does Phree

OTM sensor is a compact, 3D laser interferometer. It tracks the movements of relevant surface near accompanying interference signal between 3D laser which is broadcast on the surface and reflect them bounce back from the surface.

All received signals later using an algorithm, which is done on the integrated components Phree devices, transferred to the XYZ three-dimensional information about the move.

Do you now not to confuse the official data on how this works, we will shortly be translated to all comprehensible language. So Phree felt pen movement itself, with the help of the aforementioned sensor, which records all the information and converts it into what you see on the screen. Therefore Phree does not require some special surface. Imagine you have an area you drag across the pen and draw a so what you need. There it is perhaps the most accurate description.

Availability and price

This is one Kickstarter project and therefore is still in the development stage. Have all in the end but nothing has been finalized. Here's a chronology that explains everything and when it will be able to Phree ordered over the Internet. The price will vary from 90 to 140 dollars.

See an interesting video that will evoke everything that we wrote: