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Here's an alarm applications which bell can stop only when you are take a selfie.

If there is an application that we would recommend to everyone this is it! We are delighted with the idea and functionality Snap Me Up applications.

How many times happened to be late to work or does not go just because you accidentally, dreamy, turn off the alarm? I do not know about you, but to me so often happens!

Why should happen in such flaws when with the help of a clever application can be solved. Snap Me Up will wake up one blackmail! The current alarm you can not resolve the common touch "reject" or "deferred", but it is necessary to take a phone and make a self! If you are thinking about how these applications can cheat triggering any photos, you are wrong. No, no ... You dreamy fraudsters this time you will not be able to avoid opening the eyes. Snap Me Up will not stop ringing until the camera does not detect a face. Then, when the application detecting faces convince you that you should be to trigger an alarm to stop.

Morning photo will be saved. Later, after a few hours or days, will certainly be interesting to see what he looks like a morning's self!

Within the application you can set multiple alarms, as well as to which days you want to be active. We believe that this is also a fun way to wake up because you can share the photos that were made in the morning and comment on them with your friends on social networks.

Snap Me Up app you can download from the Google Play store or the enclosed link:

>>>Snap Me Up<<<