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Lockdown PRO locks all you want! (VIDEO)

If you want to lock gallery, facebook, messages, or adjust any application on Android you are looking Lockdown PRO. Currently the best applications of this type, and you see that! Lockdown Pro is a totally free application that can be downloaded from the market.

 There begin text so because it is rare that so many options you get for free. From AppsPlus.Mobi Lockdonw Pro comes with an extremely well-organized user appearance since it has a bunch of options. It is an ideal solution if you want to lock an application, especially if you want that nobody knows you're a lock at all. How? So, instead of requiring you to code or template on show that the application ceased to exist as false information to keep you longer touch the OK came to the window where he entered pattern or code.

Very discreet "locks" you might say. But this is only one of a handful of wonderful options. Even those who have nothing to hide and lock or think that they do takes time can use this application as a precaution. What made them fit to LockDown Pro option that allows access to all applications without templates or passwords when you are logged into a predetermined WiFi access points or GPS location. This allows to increase safety at work ie. the privacy of your application, and let's say you have a house you can set the phone to work with full access without a template or to request the code.

Not only that, there is a more interesting option and you see that in the video presentation XDA Developers team.
You can download the application from this LINK for free.