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Lost your Android phone? Find it with this app!

We believe that you are all one so far been in a situation that you have no idea where you left your cell-phone. You searched under the seat in the car, raised all the pillows on the couch ... and you have not found it? Google has a solution for you.

Application Find My Phone (Android Device Manager) will help you if you can not find your phone.

Google has introduced a new feature that helps Android users to locate your favorite device, all you need is a computer.

If the mobile is in the vicinity, you will discover where he is due to ringing or its location, you can see on the map if you have, for example, forgotten in a bar.

This new option is simply called "Find My Phone" allows users to Google's search engine type "Find My Phone" and use it.

For an application to work properly, users must ensure that they use the latest version installed on a portable device and at the same time are in your Google account on both the mobile and the computer. Then they will just appear on the map indicating the location.

If you suspect it was stolen

If you are, you think that your device is stolen, users can lock the mobile via Android Device Manager, erase the data on it or change the password.

Download the app >>>Android Device Manager<<<