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How to "root" your phone?

See how to root your Android device caught by Kingo Root program in a few steps.

Root is a term used to express the modified state of Android devices. When the phone is root-ram, this means that the Android phone is unlocked and open to modification of system files. What are the benefits Root? More visible examples of the application with additional options that are available only if you have access to the root. Let's say you have a root-ram device, you can easily delete system applications that are not required.

Again, the question is "how to root your phone?" Initially, the root-ing was very complicated and there was no procedure in a few clicks. Root worked by advanced users of the Android platform, and in the beginning of the root was the trademark of programmers. Today, root is inevitable and it is a process that can be done even beginners. With the help of the program that is installed on the computer, users of Android without problems can root your phone.

Follow these steps to root your phone:

1. With this link download desktop application android_root click on the green button "download".

2. After clicking on the button "Download" will open a new page where the download will be started. Also, on this page you will have illustrated instruction on how to start the installation program "Kingo Root".

3. Double-start the installation without concern has come to an end clicks on the "Next" and "Install". As part of the installation are not conditioned by the toolbar-this or similar additional applications.

4.Start program to get you started root. On the home page you will notice that there is a notice in the lower left corner, which says it is necessary to have a check mark for the "USB debugging" ie. "USB debugging".

5. To activate this option, click on the attached link "how to open the USB debugging mode?" Under the "Kingo Root".

6. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and wait for the computer downloads and installs the necessary drivers.

7. When connected, the driver installation and successful communication with a computer phone, "Kingo Root" will automatically switch to the next step which informs you that the root violates the guarantee but allows installation of recovery, the ROM and the applications that the root -RAM phones they have more options.

8. At the bottom of the window you have the "Root", click on it and start the root-ing.

9. When the "Kingo Root" complete its work there will appear the notice "Root Succeeded" button at the bottom and "Finish". Clicking on this button will reset the phone and so complete root

This is the simplest root that exists. This way you can root and tablet devices.