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Alternative Google Maps on Android

Here is short review on google store which can be alternative to google maps, these 8 are fantastic  applications and maybe you would like install on your device.

1. HERE Maps

HERE Maps is probably the leading choice when it comes to replacement of Google Maps on Android. With very detailed maps which compete with or surpass Google's depending on where you are located, as well as a large database of points of interest and now an internal map of popular building, HERE really stands out. And if you want, HERE allows you to download and complete maps of entire countries, which means that you can rely on the map even when you're in places without a data plan, OFFLINE Maps are fantastic. From exciting beta version of HERE Maps has added new features and worth it to see if you are not satisfied with Google Maps.

Application for free download here: HERE Maps

2. Waze

Although Waze actually now owned by Google and some of its properties are integrated into Google Maps, Waze original application and still lives in the Play Store. We doubt anyone would say that is beautiful Waze Android application, but the information it provides drivers are superb. You will receive information about gas stations (including prices), rest areas, food, work, deceleration, accidents and police activity along your route, so you can avoid the slow route and get where you're going. Many will be happy with Waze data that are now available in Google Maps, or if you want to contribute back or see all the details that Waze offers keep it installed.

Application for free download here: Waze

3. Scout GPS Maps, Meet up & Chat

Scout GPS is an interesting application that offers maps, and social integration with built-in chat and meetings. Get OpenStreetMap maps with traffic, points of interest and parking information, and the ability to coordinate with your friends so you can easily find each other. The idea is that you do not need to switch between applications to people and let me know when you're traveling or close to coming.

Application for free download here: Scout GPS Maps, Meet up & Chat

4. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest is often considered an early platform for maps by the web completely replaced Google Maps, or MapQuest app on Android is still alive and well with millions of downloads. MapQuest app offers high-resolution maps, lists solid points of interest, step by step navigation with multiple points and ETA sharing. It's almost everything you need from one map application.

Application for free download here: MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

5. MAPS.ME - Offline Map & Routing

MAPS.ME is an application built on OpenStreetMap database and offers its own set of properties. According MAPS.ME-in, you will get full support for offline maps for 345 countries and islands, including online search and guidance. In addition to these basic properties MAPS.ME includes labeling, orienteering track when you move and location sharing.

Application for free download here: MAPS.ME - Offline Map & Routing

6. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

While Sygic Maps does fantastic map data, the application offers all the properties that probably you are searching for. It has full support for offline maps and turn-by-bend navigation, as well as points of interest with TripAdvisor, suggestions for parking, routing the tape, the voice guidance and warnings on the speed limit while driving. Sygic Maps is free to use, but offers a purchase within the application for a premium properties such as traffic information and access to sites with speed cameras.

Application for free download here: GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

7. OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

OsmAnd Maps is another application that takes the OpenStreetMap data and adds its own interface and features. From Wikipedia, you will gain information about points of interest, as well as turn-by-bend guidelines for driving, cycling and walking. Of course there is a full offline support, which includes a choice between downloading of entire maps or road maps just to save on storage space.

Application for free download here: OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

8. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot is one of the most popular paid apps for maps, providing full offline support and all the properties of the basic standalone GPS units you would normally installed in your car. Data on the maps are pretty good, but we must say that the performance of the application overall quite poor compared to what you get from the other above mentioned choices. With a price tag of $ 10 for US and $ 45 for Europe really have to love what CoPilot works, but it is another option for comparison with free elections.

Application for free download here: CoPilot GPS

9. What's your favorite app?

Share with us in the comments of your favorites, regardless of whether they are on our list or not.