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Google Glass 2.0 is coming soon, version 3.0 being planned

Only a month ago the president of Google Eric Schmidt has made clear that they did not cancel the Google Glass glasses. Now Massimo Vian Director of the Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica said that the next iteration of these high-tech glasses coming soon. Speaking at a general meeting of the company in Milan, Massimo discovered that Google Glass 2.0 is already in the making, but also that the version 3.0 at the planning stage. "At Google, there are different opinions on the version 3.0.

You've seen the Google Glass 1.0, now working on version 2.0, which is in preparation, "he said. Vian also said that the partnership between the two companies is progressing well, because Luxottica last year signed a contract with Google to design a fashion version of Glass glasses.

Source: BlogGSM