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Interested in user interface on the LG G4, Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 phone? Here's a comparison!

Compare LG UX 4.0, Samsung's TouchWiz and HTC Sense UI 7. Here's how they differ.

It is very difficult to select a phone when you have this choice of a phone that is currently available. For example, when you look at LG G4, S6 Galaxy and HTC One M9 they all look magnificent! LG G4 has a phenomenal design with nice last button, Galaxy S6 has finally got a better preparation and therefore we have the aluminum sheet and glass on both sides of the phone and the HTC One M9 phone there is still a slim design and superior craftsmanship!

Realistically, the characteristics of all these phones are more or less similar. Then how do you know which phone suits you best? Here is a comparison of a user looks that these phones are used. We have a LG UX 4.0 compared with TouchWiz and Sense UI 7. Here are the latest to find prospects who are working on the Android platform 5 LolliPop. All are well optimized as compared to its previous version where now they do not overloading the system. Those things you should not worry, your only have to choose which you like the most. Compared to first go screenshot 4. LG UX user looks, then TouchWiz screenshots and screenshots at the end of HTC's Sense UI 7th.




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