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LG G4 hooked for drone recorded the most impressive video (VIDEO)

We all known LG G4 has a really good camera and one of the reasons is impressive OIS optical image stabilization, which allows peaceful photos and video. LG G4 are tied to drone on and record an impressive video.

As a result of this, the newest promotional video that LG just released aims to give us a better understanding of the G4's video recording capabilities. Thus, the G4 unit got attached under the drone, which warranted for some pretty nifty footage that was used in the latest promo rather dramatic. Landscape shots and panoramic clips aplenty can be observed in the video right below.

Apart from the video recording capabilities of the 16MP, 1 / 2.6 "sensor camera in terms of quality, we also get to see what LG's improved OIS 2 technology is capable ... and incapable of.

See, attaching a high-end smartphone that the drone is one way to draw attention to your product, but it could be a double-edged sword - in certain scenes, one can observe some slight, yet noticeable shaking (visible around the 1: 00-minute mark). We would not blame this on the G4's camera OIS, since the phone is not only attached to a stabilizing gimbal, but is also attached to a low-flying drone.