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3 new images leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (PHOTO)

August 12 is getting closer, and the Internet is buzzing with information on new Galaxy Note 5 and S6 + edge devices. So far, we have seen many pictures of these two devices, today appeared a few pictures Galaxy Note 5.

The first picture reveals the front of the device, and thus the TouchWiz user interface that comes with a new generation of Galaxy devices. In addition, the image does not reveal anything that we did not know.

Other figures show the slot for the stylus pen, which was believed to come with an automatic ejection mechanism. But, according to what we see in these pictures, it is not true, and S Pen will have the same mechanism of removing as well as previous versions of Galaxy Note devices.

As is the case with rumors, all this should not be taken seriously because we are not sure how much of this information is correct, or whether it is in the pictures real prototype of the upcoming Note 5 or just false rumors. In any case, we will have to wait a little longer to find out how if the rumors are correct.