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Nexus from Huawei with 5.7 "Quad-HD display, Snapdragon 820?

More information suggesting that this year we will have at least two of the Nexus. After leaked specification 5.2-inch Nexus 5 from LG, @evleaks now publishes specifications larger 5.7-inch Nexus from Huawei.
According to @evleaks' tweet, the Huawei Nexus will indeed be a phablet device, with a large 5.7-inch screen and QHD (1440 x 2560). This is slightly smaller than the Nexus 6's 5.96-inch display, but with the same resolution, leading to a higher pixel density.
It's also claimed that Huawei's Nexus device will come with a built-in fingerprint scanner, allowing you to unlock the phone with just a touch.
Because it is a Nexus device it will be a showcase for Android M - Google's latest version of its mobile operating system - and it's been rumored that it will include fingerprint support natively, so we would not be too surprised to see that feature here.
Considering the 140 character limit of Twitter,evleaks actually packs in quite a bit of information into the tweet, and it also states the Huawei Nexus will come with a metal body, Snapdragon 820 chip, and will launch in the third quarter of this year .
So, with a large high-res screen and a brand new top-of-the-line processor, the Samsung Nexus could be one hell of a smartphone.