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These are photos taken Oneplus 2 phone that has not yet been presented! (VIDEO)

Oneplus 2 swam to the surface before the official launch. Here's how ...

MKBHD is a professional YouTube users, worldwide reputation, which runs reviews phone, tablet, desktop and laptop computers, cameras, microphones and more. Since Marques Brownlee doing excellent reviews and tests, especially the phone, people from Oneplus company they decided to entrust a new Oneplus 2 phone that has not yet been officially presented.

Accordingly, Marques Brownlee of Oneplus company received permission to do the test cameras and exclusively publish some photos made it, before the launch of the new Oneplus 2 phone.

From what we can determine, photos taken One Plus 2 camera having a resolution of 13 MPx. As you and I MKBHD talks and photos are not spectacularly good but it seems that the 13 MPx sensor and f / 2.0 maximum utilized which provides a very high quality images. The laser focus that goes with the camera further contributes to faster focusing and consequently shutter release. Well, MKBHD was prematurely disclosed and the fact that the camera goes with laser autofocus.

To learn more about their upcoming Oneplus 2 camera phone, see a video that was made MKHD: