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Turing phone, smart phone, which is impossible to break (VIDEO)

The company Turing Robotic Industries later this month will begin to receive orders for its first smartphone. Boldly claim that Turing Phone impossible to hack or break.

Visually, Turing Phone characterized by multicolored case with the model in the background reminiscent of the design of spacecraft. There are three models: Pharaoh, Cardinal and Beowulf. Each color and texture keeps material which was inspired, like scales Grendel's mother in 'Beowulf' or ship 'Endurance' from 'Interstellar', among others.

Frame is one of the strong points that count in the Turing Robotic Industries. The frame is made of materials which are called Liquidmorphium, Which is an alloy of zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel and silver in the category of liquid metal. Apparently durable titanium and steel, which would be done Turing Phone unbreakable. The rest of the housing is a combination of ceramic, aluminum and ABS plastic.

Steve Chao, director of the Turing Robotic Industries, is convinced that cell phones in the immediate future be a standard made just from Liquidmorphium and his like material.

Another potential advantage is that this mobile phone - again allegedly - impossible to hack. Encryption is built into most of the key pre-installed apps, a mobile phone is designed to be kept away servers and external suppliers of what they are not essential.

In addition, it should be extremely resistant to water thanks to nano-coating on the parts of which it is composed. If you get in the water, you should be able to just delete it and move on as if nothing had happened.