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Here's how to Huawei Nexus should look (VIDEO)

All the belief that this fall we will introduce at least two Nexus smartphone from Google. With a 5.2-inch Nexus 5 2015 from LG, there will reportedly be Huawei Nexus with a screen diagonal of 5.7 inches spacious. Look at the fantastic video leaked to the complex 3D diagrams and specifications.

With each new device, the concept artists are getting better, and their renders all the more convincing. Jermaine Smith here gives us the best look so far at the upcoming Nexus from Huawei, and is based on all previously published information about him. His body should thus be made of some metal alloys, and in addition to the front of a large screen, will have a frontal focused speakers.

As the new Android Marshmallow natively supports fingerprint sensors, on the back in addition to cameras, we have one such sensor. On the other hand the lower edge of the new reversible USB Type B port for syncing and charging.

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