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[VIDEO] Deal: Turn your phone into a gaming machine with the PhoneJoy GamePad 2

If you’re a big mobile gamer, you know that touchscreen controls aren’t always the best. In fact, most of the time they suck. Android Area has a nice deal on a gamepad that connects with your phone and gives you more traditional physical controls.

The PhoneJoy GamePad 2 is an expandable, portable controller for your phone. It can expand to accept any smartphone in portrait or landscape mode, including big boys like the Nexus 6P. Once docked, your handset takes on a second life as a powerful gaming machine.

The GamePad 2 normally goes for around $80, but right now you can snag it from Android Area for just $60. It may be a little late to give this as a Christmas gift, but it’s never too late to buy something awesome for yourself. Grab it before it’s gone!
Expands to three times its original size
Fits most any smartphone or tablet (iPhones & Androids)
Includes 12 powerful stainless steel springs
Packs three different navigation & play modes
Delivers up to 14 hours of play time on one charge
Charges quickly via USB cord
Supports the ability to connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV via MHL to play on the big screen