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Modular Phones Are Here – PuzzlePhone (VIDEO)

Modular phones could very well be the future of the mobile industry. Not only are they just straight up cool, but they can ultimately be more economical, more consumer orients, and more environmentally friendly. And did I mention that they’re cool?

Well if you want to be one of the first to jump on the modular phone train, then you’ll want to check out PuzzlePhone who has just launched their crowd funding campaign. Their design consists of three parts, the brain, the spine and the heart. The Brain houses the core components such as the CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and Camera. The Spine is the main frame of the device and also holds the display. The Heart contains your battery and secondary electronics that are more user specific. As things stand right now, there aren’t many options to choose from with the only real differentiating options being storage capacity but the company hopes that developers will jump on board .

In terms of a release, the company doesn’t expect to ship till September-November of next year but if you’ve ever done any crowd funding, you know that estimated delivery dates are rarely met. Plus, Google is expected to have their modular phone out sometime next year so PuzzlePhone already has some stiff competition. Nevertheless, if you want to jump on board, their perks start at $333 USD.