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Samsung BRITECELL Camera Gets Officially Announced (PHOTO)

The camera found in the Galaxy S6/Edge/Plus/Note 5 is no joke. Earlier this year Samsung was finally able to deliver a smartphone camera that, for the first time ever, was capable of besting heavy weights from Apple’s lineup with little effort. It only makes that they’d want to further improve upon camera performance for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and now we may finally know how.

After a Samsung trademark for something called “BRITECELL” was uncovered a couple of weeks ago, Samsung is finally ready to make it official. Announced during Samsung’s annual Investors Forum, Samsung’s upcoming BRITECELL technology looks to improve on the manufacturer’s ISOCELL camera in a number of ways. Developed in-house, BRITECELL will feature a camera module that is not only smaller in physical size, but performs better as well. While it won’t completely eliminate the camera hump found on most of their devices these days, it could soon be a little less pronounced. Baby steps, people…

According to Samsung, their BRITECELL camera features smaller, thinner 1 micron pixels that somehow manage to be more sensitive to low light for better quality stills with less color artifact. This also reduces the height of the camera by 17% without any sacrifice to the stellar photo quality already found on Sammy’s flagships. Samsung also mentions that they were also able to improve low light auto focusing merely by fine tuning some additional software.

Unfortunately, all of the above info means BRITECELL won’t have anything to do with that rumored 1/2-inch sensor making the rounds, but it’s possible we could see that launch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Who knows.

Of course, all these improvements don’t really amount to jack squat until we can see it for ourselves. We’ll have to wait a little longer before we get our hands on whatever upcoming handset uses Samsung’s new BRITECELL camera, although we have a feeling it could be next year’s Galaxy S7. Stay tuned!