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Miss Moneypenny picks up James Bond's new Z5 and Sony Xperia latest cross-promotion ad (VIDEO)

Back in September, Sony released a couple of "Made for Bond" teasers that promoted the upcoming 007 movie "Spectre" and the Sony Xperia Z5.
With Sony's Columbia Pictures studio distributing the movie (which hits US theaters on March 6th), the electronics and entertainment giant decided to do some more cross-promotion of the handset and the movie.

In a movie-quality ad that was filmed using Sony's F65 professional 4K cinema camera, and directed by Danny Kleinman, we see Bond associate Miss Moneypenny using Sony's new Sony's RX100 IV to keep an eye on the bad guys as she handles a very important task . What kind of mission could she be on that would put her life in danger? She's delivering James Bond's new Xperia Z5 the British spy.

The ad will run the U.K. TV from November 1st through November 8th. This is not the first time that Sony has called on 007 to promote its handsets. Back in 2008, the Sony Ericsson C902 was featured in Quantum of Solace. Four years later, the Sony Xperia T Bond Phone was released with pre-loaded content related to the Ian Fleming creation.

The Z5 Sony Xperia, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Sony Xperia Z5 Premium will all be released next month. While you're waiting, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights and click on the video below.