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Android on BlackBerry Venice - video!

BlackBerry Venice based on Android Lollipop is a large pull-out QWERTY keyboard these days is one of the hottest topics. The best view on it today gives us the first video work, published by the Canadian distributor of Baka Mobile.

But also from a pile of photographs published it became clear that the BlackBerry here has something very interesting. Today's video gives us the most detailed picture of how the BlackBerry Venice works and how it might best Android OS improved QWERTY keyboard in the world and some practical BB software features.

While this video does not confirm this, apparently this is a 5.4 "screen, a prime mover of Snapdragon 808 with 3 GB of RAM. On the back is a 18 MP camera with OIS.

As the uncle said in the video, let's hope this is a miracle in this form and soon reach the market.