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Samsung S Health now for all Android Devices (APK)

Samsung S Health is a complex suite of tools for health monitoring, and is now available in the Play Store and all Android devices, whether Samsung or other manufacturers bear the logo.

Still there in April of this year Samsung has its S Health set in the Play Store, to make it easier to update, but remains applications were compatible only with some Galaxy models. But now the Health can be downloaded and installed on any Android on the white world provided that revolves Android 4.4 KitKat and newer.

If you do not know, except for the Health Support for integrated pedometer, steps converted into calories, offers daily calorie intake, can measure the intensity of UV radiation and many other things, depending on the sensors, which your device has.

All information, the Health shows the pleasant graphs, encourages you to realize our goals and generally represents a solid alternative to Google Fit tools.