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A lost Huawei Mate S will answer you if you call out for it (VIDEO)

Huawei has stuffed quite a few features into the Huawei Mate S, including its version of Force Touch. Another interesting feature allows you to call out for your mate with if it is misplaced. When setting up voice commands for the handset, you can choose a keyword that the device will respond to by setting off noises, music and flashing lights to help you locate your missing phone.

So let's say that you've set your keyword is' Mate. "If you can not find your handset, you merely say" Hey mate, "followed by" Where are you? "Your Mate With Huawei will then vibrate, set off the flash, shake some more, and then play some music. While the music is bouncing out of the speaker, you can hear the phone say repeatedly, "I'm here."

The video below shows the "Find Your Phone feature, but on the Huawei  P8. It works the same way on the Mate S.