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BlackBerry’s official PRIV demo shows off exclusive new features [VIDEO]

Earlier today we saw Carphone Warehouse give us a quick hands-on with the upcoming BlackBerry PRIV, one that was much better than that awkward demo their CEO gave us a few weeks ago.

In either case, if you’re looking for something a little more official, BlackBerry has uploaded their own PRIV demo, an introduction of sorts, highlighting the phone’s exclusive new features. At 41 seconds the video isn’t long, but we do get to see BlackBerry’s new shortcuts, BlackBerry Hub, and physical keyboard gestures (look at the flicka da wrist!). In other words, it’s just enough to get our mouths watering. See for yourself.

Keep in mind the video is unlisted (meaning even if you were subscribed to BlackBerry’s YouTube channel, you wouldn’t have been notified it was uploaded) and was only sent out to those who signed up for BlackBerry’s PRIV newsletter.