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Hands-on: HTC One A9 [VIDEO]

Safe to say HTC caught a lot of flak when they officially took the wraps off their latest creation: the HTC One A9. True to all the leaks and rumors, the phone, quite frankly, looks like a near carbon copy of Apple’s iPhone 6/S. That, of course, didn’t sit too well for Android (or even Apple) enthusiasts, but with affordable (promotional) pricing and mid-range specs, it seems HTC wasn’t so much targeting the die-hard Android user as much as the soccer mom and her not-so-tech-savvy young teen. Here are the biggest features HTC is hoping will win over consumers:

It’s only $400 (temporarily)
HTC Uh Oh Protection (free replacement)
High quality sound and full volume output to large headphones
14MP camera with OIS and RAW capture
Fingerprint sensor
Every Android update within 15 days of Nexus devices
Unlocked bootloader wont void warranty
It looks just like the iPhone 6
The whole iPhone lookalike thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it could bring some level of success to a company who’s been struggling to take make headway in a fiercely competitive smartphone market. Whatever works. Our own Rob Jackson had a quick minute to go hands-on with the all new One A9 during their low-key event in New York. Check out his hardware tour while we work on preparing a full review.