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Sony Xperia Z5 goes up against the iPhone 6S Plus in a real world camera test [VIDEO]

Sony Xperia Z5 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus Detailed Camera Comparison. Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K/23 megapixel rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the iPhone 6s Plus vs Xperia Z5 Premium for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.
Despite not knowing what Sony’s plans are regarding the launch of the Sony Xperia Z5 here in the states (they recently cancelled the launch of the Verizon Xperia Z4v), the device still has us intrigued.
Not only does it look great, but the phone recently received top honors in DxOMark’s list of best smartphone cameras, edging out even the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Nexus 6P, and LG G4. With such a high score, you’d think the Xperia Z5 would have no trouble mopping the floor with the iPhone 6S Plus, but that wasn’t really the case…